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Shivshakti was established in the year 1997 and engaged in offering valuable solutions in the field of Combustion Technology. Over last twenty years we have developed various combustion concepts for our various Combustion Equipment & Systems manufactured. Shivshakti has developed new Low NOx and Swirl Flow Industrial Burners which are energy efficient, less pollutant and user friendly.

Hot Air Generator

Shivshakti Engineering has over the years gathered technological advancement in the firing systems for drying processes and is able to offer you the most suitable Low NOx solutions for standard and special fuels. Like the extremely efficient hot air generator, which can be designed as a brick-lined combustion chamber with a double shell or in steel for low temperature applications.

Kiln Burner

Shivshakti offers various Rotary Kiln Burner with advanced technology for firing kilns with pulverized fuel, oil and gas. Using the multi-shaping airflow design our Rotary Kiln Burner provide a stable , optimizes complex fuel firing and great control over NOx emissions.

Laddle Preheater

Shivshakti offers Ladle Preheater that are generally used for removing moisture to avoid formation of gas/reaction with liquid metal. Our company has been consistent in offering high grade as well as portable Ladle Preheater System which have been designed as per the various configurations. We design them as per the size and capacity of ladle.

Industrial Flare

Shivshakti is a reputed manufacture of Flare Stack Burner suitable for Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical Industries. Our Flare Stacks safely burn excess hydrocarbon gases which cannot be recovered or recycled. Excess hydrocarbon gases are burnt in the flare systems in an environmentally-sound manner, as an alternative to releasing the vapour directly into the atmosphere.

Our Services

Refractory Dryout

We offer refractory dry out service to our clients to get a long-lasting life on your refractory. Utilizing the on-site service Shivshakti offers, your parts will be handled at a minimum.

Furnace Modifications

We are specialized in designing and engineering of new, modified and rebuilt furnaces. Our Engineers combines their vast experience and superior customer service to deliver furnace support at minimum possible time frame.

Burner Upgradations

We are pioneer in designing and engineering of new, modified and rebuilt burners for various applications. Our Engineers “on-call” support, to help you to keep your burner operations running smoothly.

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